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Quick Facts

09/12 – Founded & beginning of the development
09/13 – Finished prototype and testing
02/15 – Appeared on Dragons Den, UK, Feb 2015
06/15 – Kickstarter campaign launched
07/15 – Kickstarter campaign ends
12/15 – Ship first batch of t.brush to supporters

t.brush handle – comes in 7 different individual styles: Classic, Neon, Belle, Retro, Polkadots, The Adventure, The Patriot
2 pack refill heads with Free Floss Head attachement 

20 pack floss head attachments

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t.brush story

Dot Company comprises of a team of innovators led by Ryan Donaghy. Frustrated by the field of dental care and the boring products on offer, an intervention was born. Through our upcoming venture named T.brush, Dot Company is here to reinvent the art of toothbrush design by providing an unrivaled compact and lightweight electric toothbrush. T.brush can be personalized to several styles and designs, and guarantees better performance compared to the leading products in the market.

The dental category, including the electric toothbrush, is behind the times. Despite the fact we brush our teeth at least twice a day, why do we continue to do so in the dark ages? T.brush is here to intervene and bring about a change. For the first time EVER, T.brush is brining you a product that will change the way you brush your teeth from here forth. From first thing in the morning, to last thing at night, T.brush is more than just a toothbrush. T.brush is a way of life. T.brush is a statement. Once you join the revolution you will never turn back.

Partner our unbeatable looks with an advancement in technology and you will understand why we are the market leaders.

The T.brush product from Dot Company, was showcased on the 3rd edition of Dragon’s Den 8th Feb 2015, and although unsuccessful in the quest for funding, we put on a damn good show.