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The Adventurer

The Adventurer is fashioned after Bubbles, the boat in which Alex Rust spent 3 years circumnavigating the world. The Bubbles colors of Aqua Blue and copper orange, coupled with stenciled compass on the front, will bring any adventurer the spirit to take on any challenge.

Profits from The Adventurer will be used to “Give a Child a Smile” to support impoverished children to give them something that is everyone’s god given right…to have a smile:) but with some countries lacking even basic dental hygiene this remains a serious and very disheartening issue today.

The story behind the style

Have you ever met an energetic, charismatic person with a unique style and an interesting story to tell? A person whose presence is undeniable and unforgettable? A person that makes a lasting first impression and then continues to stand out for all the right reasons? Alex Rust was just such a person, and even since his passing in 2013, the positive effects of his beautiful spirit have continued to spread contagiously. If it were ever possible (and necessary for some reason) to choose an inanimate object that possesses those same noteworthy traits, T.brush could be it. T.brush is already making a memorable first impression in the world of dental hygiene, but beyond being powerful, effective, and bringing style to your smile, the T.brush Adventurer line is taking it a step further by linking to the Alexander Rust Memorial Fund to make a positive impact on the real world.

Alex Rust travelled for three years on his sailboat to circumnavigate the world with the intention of spreading hope and joy to as many people as possible, especially those in socio-economically deprived regions. In his travels, he would often make special efforts to bring happiness to the children of the villages and towns, and before his passing, he was helping poverty-stricken children in orphanages in India. The Alexander Rust Memorial Fund was set up to continue his work in the orphanages and maintain his positive influence by sharing his story for additional joy and inspiration. By donating to the memorial fund all of the proceeds from the Adventurer line (named so after Alex, the adventurer), T.brush will be helping directly to “Give a Child a Smile”. Children around the world, who are unable to receive or afford even the most basic dental hygiene, will be given the smile that they deserve.

As if being unique, stylish, well designed, 60 % more compact than comparable brushes, and having a USB charging case with universal voltage (perfect for travelling – sailing adventure around the world, anyone?) wasn’t enough to set it apart, T.brush is also bold enough to remind us of the reality of our world. Imagine if everyone who was fortunate enough to be able to afford a quality electric toothbrush to keep their own smile healthy, was also helping to provide basic dental care for a child in need… Now that’s something we could all smile about!